The Prayatna Film & Dance Festival brings together a lineup of traditional and contemporary Indian artists, and celebrates their work. In 2019 we supported the 10th edition of the festival, where the idea was to inspire people to relook at dance through movements. At this festival, Hrishikesh Pawar’s team brought in artists who would collaborate through their specialisations to present a variety of movements. A special focus was given to the traditional art form of Puppetry, whose movements have now found their way into contemporary dance as well.

Young children from the DeepGriha Society (An NGO working for underprivileged children) along with 28 participants from the “Dance for Parkinson Project” brought to light some very inspiring stories. 

We also supported a community program that looks at dance as a medium to transform lives. It is offered 6 days a week, to disadvantaged, marginalised people, whether young or old. The outcome was an hour long performance, “And So I Dance!”, by dancers aged 10 to 91!





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