At Bansuri, we have worked with the teams at Akshardeep, Ray of Hope, Phulora and the Book fairies.

Rays of hope: Bansuri Foundation reached out to over 130 children in Pune. Those who were HIV positive, were provided with a regular food kit with a protein rich nutritional diet as this affects the effectiveness of medication to maintain a stable CD4 count, and prevent life-threatening infections. Several HIV positive persons, registered with Rays of Hope, have successfully pursued their dreams and ambitions e.g. After pursuing a Hotel Management degree, a career at a hotel in Mumbai and another as a private nurse. Some children were vulnerable due to an HIV positive parent/parents and were being looked after by other family members. Here support was given through providing rations and other education support for the children.

Phulora Project: Initiated a vocational training, life skill and personality development program for adolescent girls & women to empower them through information on health, child rearing, individual rights and financial literacy.

Akshardeep: A program to support children from urban slums who have dropped out of regular school or need to get back into age-appropriate classes by giving them an opportunity to attend an alternative school program.

Book Fairies: A program initiated across municipal schools to encourage reading and develop language and comprehension. We conducted regular training for their teams to motivate and strengthen the delivery of the programs as well as deepen their understanding of how children learn.





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