The trust runs a rural school, hospital and vocational training centre at no cost to the locals. They work with the extremely poor, with incomes below Rs 15,000/- pa. Nearly 300 students received a quality education up until 10th grade, with a focus on sports and extracurriculars, for which the students have gained a reputation. The quality of this school can be gauged by the fact that 100 children from here were invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan in 2005, by the then President, Abdul Kalam. In an interview, he would later describe this as a ‘golden moment’ of his life, and even mentioned it in his farewell speech when leaving the office of the President.

The on-site hospital provides medical aid, consultations and surgeries and even prosthetics when needed; it caters to nearly 120 patients on a daily basis. Qualified doctors work here on a voluntary and rotational basis. The children receive special medical care, health check-ups and supplements. Similarly, pregnant and prenatal women in the village receive required supplements, both in the form of food as well as medicines. TB patients receive diet supplements and medicines. All of this is done absolutely free of cost. 

A Vocational Training Centre has been established to meet the educational and counselling needs of the youth, but it also provides a basic but nutritious diet to the girls of the village. 

Through these institutions the Trust carries out other interventions from time to time, like the establishment of a Masala Grinding Centre to provide supplementary income to women who need it, and a program to eradicate alcoholism in the region. About 30 destitute women benefited from the former. 

The Trust functions exclusively through donations and Bansuri was proud to support them. 

This Trust is located in a remote village, where it has set up a hospital, a school and a vocational training centre, totally free of cost, for its beneficiaries. The beneficiaries of the project are poor villagers belonging to extremely poor sections of society, whose income is far below Rs. 15,000/- per annum. 

As many as 300 students are being educated in the school, which has so far been upgraded up to 10th Class, from year to year basis and which will be further upgraded to 12th Class in the due course of time. Eventually, this school is slated to be a residential school. It is imparting quality educational and extracurricular facilities to village children, which hitherto before, was only the privilege of children staying in the big cities alone. However, ours is an endeavour to provide all these facilities absolutely free to the lower echelons of society and deprived and depilated sections residing in the backward rural areas. The school has about 35 teachers, who are rendering yeoman’s service to the students.

The school is a totally rural school and the students are very poor and are from backward communities. But Bhagawan’s Grace has been in abundance. Recently, one girl student of our school had the privilege of joining B.Sc. Nursing course at Sri Sathya Sai Higher Medical Sciences, Brindavan, Bangalore, through her sheer hard work and determination.

Likewise, the hospital run by us is providing absolutely free medical aid assistance and treatment to nearly 120 patients everyday. We provide quality medical facilities absolutely free, to the villagers, who are our beneficiaries. We have highly qualified and dedicated medical and para-medical staff, which is selflessly serving the deprived rural sections of the society. As is well known that the health facilities are also being available in cities at a high premium, but again our endeavour is to provide quality health care facilities to rural areas, absolutely free of cost. It could be stated with utmost humility that the Director of our hospital is a renowned Orthopaedic Surgeon named – Dr. Vinod Singhal, who has obtained M.Ch. from Liverpool U.K. He has dedicated his life and living for the service of humanity. The hospital also has the voluntary services of Dr. Mrs. Bharati, MD, an experienced Gynaecologist, who has completely dedicated her life to selflessly serve the rural masses. There are numerous doctors from the city of Yamuna Nagar, who render selfless service to the hospital on a rotational basis.

(A) One of the most unique works being undertaken in our hospital is to achieve alternate medicine. Under this programme, an attempt is being made to achieve total eradication of drinking habits, in our adopted village Darwa, Distt. Yamuna Nagar. In fact during the visit of the worthy members of the Hon’ble National Committee to our project site in the year 1992, this fact had been mentioned by the villagers themselves.

(B) The hospital has launched a unique scheme wherein all the prenatal / pregnant women folk of the village have been adopted and identified. They are regularly being given dietary supplements, such as milk/banana and vitamin and iron tablets. Still further, our hospital has adopted T.B. patients of the village who are being given medicine and diet supplement free of cost everyday, as they are being made to consume the diet supplement and medicine in the presence of the hospital team itself, as there is a tendency among the chronic patients to waste the medicines. Not only this, surgical procedures, artificial limbs etc. are being undertaken in appropriate and deserving cases, with the help of a number of professional surgeons and all these activities are undertaken free of cost.

(C) Not only this many other multifarious activities are being undertaken at the project site, which is located in a village. Our school has achieved a track record for 100% success of the students in their results, besides grooming the school students as integrated personalities. Even though ours is a small school located in a rural area, we have excelled in games, extracurricular activities etc. The health of the school children is being monitored on a regular basis by their thorough checkup by qualified Paediatricians, dental surgeons, and eye and ENT specialists, besides giving the diet supplements of milk, iron and calcium etc., every day. Further we are running a Vocational Training Centre, wherein besides the education for mental and physical aspects, the basic nutrition diet supplement is also provided to the village girls everyday. We are also running a Masala grinding centre for village women folk with a view to enable them to seek out their livelihood. About 30 extremely poor village women, who are virtually destitute, are being directly benefited from this Masala centre.

(D) All these activities are being managed by us through purely unsolicited donations.

This project was rewarded when Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, the then Worthy President of India, invited 100 students from our school to Rashtrapati Bhawan, in May 2005. He described his meeting our school students as his life’s golden moment in an exclusive interview to India Today, and he talked about this, even in his farewell speech to the nation, while demitting his office. This really was a very proud moment for all of us, who have been working on this project for nearly 20 years.





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