Our inspiration: A project that reinforces the role of the civil society; the annual NGO Market of the Forum 2000 Foundation, where NGOs from the Czech Republic and other countries present their activities to the public, establish new partnerships, address potential sponsors and volunteers, and gain valuable know-how needed for successful NGO-management.

With the introduction of mandatory Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Indian businesses outlined their social sector goals. Many corporates faced the issue of finding credible and deserving NGOs who are aligned to their CSR objectives while NGOs face problems in terms of the lack of visibility and credibility to potential supporters.

Since its inception, Bansuri Foundation has been actively engaged in capacity building activities with NGOs, for better planning and management. We believe that all companies, big or small, can benefit from strategic CSR activities.

In October 2014, in association with the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), led by the Chairperson, CII Pune Zonal Council, Alicon Castalloy Ltd, Ishanya Foundation, and Bansuri Foundation organised a NGO Market for Businesses in Pune.

The event included a briefing on the new Companies Act, which mandates 2% spending of corporate profits towards social initiatives, by an associate of DASRA. Representatives of philanthropic organisations and Convenors of the CII panel on affirmative action and CSR shared their experiences and ideas on how companies can bring their management and financial expertise to making social initiatives more impactful and sustainable.

A select group of credible NGOs were given a platform to present their work and potential to companies. Bansuri helped the NGOs to streamline their presentations to have a clear evaluation framework where areas such as governance, past track record, financial sustainability, innovative ideas for social change and parameters for assessing impact of their work were highlighted.The event was later open to both corporates and the public, to interact with the participating NGOs to identify common interests and build future support.

NGOs that participated:

1. Teach For India, Pune

2. Aseema, Mumbai

3. Maher, Pune

4. Anjuman Islam Polytechnic, Pune

5.Tara Mobile Creches, Pune

6. Shelters, Pune

7. Swadhar, Pune

8. Wildlife Research And Conservation Society, Pune

9. Centre For Youth Development And Activities, Pune





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