Maher, ‘mother’s home’ founded by Sister Lucy Kurien at Pune in 1997 is a shelter for destitute women. Soon it became a haven of hope, belonging and understanding for women & children, the elderly and the mentally challenged, irrespective of caste, creed or religion. Children at Maher, receive access to the best education, nutrition, counselling & training in life skills. Women play the role of house-mothers and also receive vocational training to be economically dependent when they leave Maher.

A unique model of rehabilitation has been created by setting up multiple homes housing 30-40 children in rural communities, where women and children lead normal lives, supported by the local community. Maher creates and provides financial and legal literacy programs for the self help groups in these rural communities. It engages with them to ensure that they understand their rights and duties and are empowered to take responsibility for their own life.

Over the years, Bansuri Foundation has organized capacity building and leadership programs for Maher’s social workers, housemothers and youth. The modules are wide ranging: early childcare and child development, communication, leadership development, strengthening the management systems to make them self-sufficient for the future, introspection and analysis of life-situations, adolescent psychology and physiology, and gender sensitivity. Over the years, the foundation has also supported basic infrastructure at Maher.

Today, across almost all who have passed through Maher and who continue to be there, the impact of our programs has been evident and highly appreciated by Sister Lucy and her team as being transformational.





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