ANK identified Sone Sanghvi, one of the 10 villages it is working in, as a suitable site for a Dairy Project. Sone Sanghvi is a shining beacon for other villages as far as micro-credit schemes go. It has 16 self-help groups (SHGs) that have been functioning successfully since 2012. Each is a strong and confident group with a history of healthy financial transactions and timely loan repayments to the SHGs as well as the banks from which they have taken lakhs of rupees in loans.

Women were able to manage a successful commercial venture. This empowered them to become equal decision makers in the family and community. The women have begun to ensure the education and development of younger generations. Young girls in the village have found inspiring role models in their mothers who now own and operate a successful micro-business.

Through our intervention and support, on-site training programmes on dairy and livestock management were organised at the village level and at agricultural organisations like BAIF. We also encouraged regular interaction with a vet to visit the location and share ideas. In the same village, we arranged for the youth to conduct field visits to leading local industries such as Alicon Castalloy and 3M.





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